The Eternal Conductor

I walk by their house, admiring the daffodils. 
Their yellow and green geometry border the driveway like the icing on a birthday cake.
Purple croakers are a sporadic flirtation
Inviting Virgina fauna.

Because I’ve lived here for 10 years, I know this is the intro.
Next will be Daphne, Tulips and Azaleas.
Muscari hugging the ground and Dogwoods stealing my breath.
Rhododendron exploding.
and Lilac
and Lily of the Valley.
Dahlia, Poppies and Cosmos!
Hyacinths hitting sweet olfactory notes with
Fuchsia and Sunflowers!
Nature's symphony in

I feel humbled by the cycles I’ve seen over the years.
Growth, Stagnation and Decay.
Order and Chaos in rhythm.
Beat meets Tempo.
Choreographed seeds of life.

I see John and ask how his 91 year old heart is doing.
He replies, “It’s still pumping fine but Nancy is not well. 
She’s not remembering much. 
She’s forgetting her friends and what she’s doing”. 

Each day he reminds her of the date.
Each day he gives her the pills that regulate her heart beat.

“Nancy said she wanted to clean up and do the dishes the other night since I cook all of her meals. So I went in and sat down in the living room and fell asleep. Next thing I know, Nancy’s waking me up saying, “John, I’ve made dinner. Come on in before it gets cold.
“I said Nancy, we already ate dinner!”.

“The doctor talks to me about putting Nancy in full time care, but she won’t have the yard... the flowers. 
It’s what keeps her going. 
It’s what she loves and is good at.”

As I listen I feel his heart ache. 
I hope Nancy will be able to stay in her home. 

I feel comfort knowing Nancy’s landscape orchestra will keep playing.
There may be weeds of neglect but I and everyone else who is paying attention will see her everywhere.
A forever- blooming, beautiful beating heart.
Making her rounds.
The eternal conductor.


Richmond, VA