How Much Change is Too Much Change?

I'm generally a fan of change, but I'm starting to think that maybe sometimes there is such a thing as too much change. But maybe it's not too much change but more of a having change thrust upon me rather than making the change of my own accord? It's probably that. I've never been much for feeling like I'm not in control.

This is a thing I could probably stand to change, ironically enough. To have a nice, stern talk with myself. "Self! You are silly thinking you can and/or should always be in control! This is madness! Stop it! Just let stuff happen sometimes! It'd be okay!" (The exclamation points are stern but still playful. I'm not trying to kill my spirit with this little talk I need to have with myself, after all.)

And on the other side of all of this, some of my current FEELINGS about change are that it's not happening fast enough. I know changes are coming, but they aren't HERE, and I wish they'd just be over with already so that I can go about the process of getting used to the way life works AFTER it changes. That'd be nice, I think. And that being said, maybe it's not that I don't like change but that I don't like the anticipation of change.

I should probably just take a deep breath. You know, after I have that stern-yet-playful talk with myself.


Richmond, VA

Jordan is currently the Goldilocks of change.

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