Still dancing in the Purple Rain

Late night, Sept 26 1988, back on the farm after a year in California, had been listening to Eric E on the radio and not ready to shut it down decided I would ride into town and hit Feldens. Alone, walking through the crowd looking for a familiar face, I stopped and said to the stranger next to me, "that's Prince." He grabbed me by the hand, walked over to him and said "this girl thinks you are a prince" and walked away. There I stood, with Prince and his entourage, awkward, a bit. Then he asked me to dance.

I remember being on the dance floor thinking that I never was one to do a lot of dancing and that it was pretty obvious at this moment. This man, small in stature, dressed tightly in full camo, moving as though gravity was not his law atop 5 inch, at least, camouflage stacked high heel pumps made me feel like the only one on the floor. Some people thought I was Wendy and told me they would be at the concert 'tomorrow night,' I just smiled. As soon as the DJ realized who was on his floor he changed the song and I danced with Prince to '1999' & 'Little Red Corvette.' Trippy.

He took me back to the table, spun me on his finger and said to his crew 'look what I got'.....after a drink, invited me to his hotel....

What did I do? Said goodnight and drove straight to Krispy Kreme where I sat with a few cops, at the round counter, with a Krispy Kreme hat on my head, drunk, eating doughnuts & drinking coffee, telling stories of my night...then drove back to the farm.

The biggest thing that changed in my life that night is that I started dancing, and have been ever since! Thank you for that sweet Prince, what a gift. 

"A strong spirit transcends rules". Peace, out.

Concert review:

Loves rain, pizza and her dog Bobo.

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