The One

Well there was this boy…
You’ve probably heard about him.
You know the one you think is perfect,
but he probably isn’t.
The one you think is beautiful
And everyone else thinks you need glasses?
The one who you can’t stop thinking about…
that doesn’t seem to know you’re alive?
Yea, you know the one. 
We all have that special someone. 
Who makes the smallest movement towards us
and it feels like the world is crashing.
Who doesn’t even realize that every word
becomes like a treasure hunt
as we try to find all the things they wanted to say
or all the things we’d imagine they’d say,
but they couldn’t
you know…
because they are just too shy.
We swoon over this mythical creature
who has become like a Greek God in our minds,
Always out of reach.
When the truth is, 
they are probably mostly human.
You very likely do need glasses
And the world is going to remain intact.


Alexandra, VA