I'll admit you were the first
to catch my attention in a charmed way.
It was odd to see eyes full of warmth
rather then malice for once.
You said I looked nice
in that leopard print shirt
so I thought it couldn't
hurt to think you could
be mine for just one dream.
It turned out to be every other
dream and I was content
to leave it at that even though
we had our occasional chat
each class. Then afterward
I'd think, oh God could he just ask?
It was the light hearted chuckle,
the inquiry on how my day was,
the brush of his hand
with the slight rough
of a callous from years of
guitar playing.
How cliche is that?

Then I found out you loved God
and I do to but books weren't
your passion, so I knew you
wouldn't do. It was nice though,
to know you existed. 
Ever since then my hearts slightly
lifted from the consistent
conviction of cynical plots
of how my love life would play out.
It isn't a life goal, but thanks
for pushing away some of the doubt.