Embarrassing Moments

Embarrassing moments, we have all had them and I certainly had my share. 10 times 10 times 10 minutes of writing would not cover them. But for one reason or another I had to think of that one time when I lived in Nepal. I used to bring my laundry to a hotel to be washed as I was too lazy to do it by hand and why would I, when it was so cheap? 50 cents for 1 kg of laundry it cost, and if brought before 10am, you could pick it up after 6pm, which is amazing, as I never saw a washing machine or dryer in the country, not even in the orphanage. I did see 100’s of women washing clothes outside, slamming it against the stone floors while singing and talking to one another. And then there were drying clothes everywhere, especially on roof tops, waving in the wind, and sometimes I would pass places with hundreds of clothes items waving in the wind and I imagined that my clothes were sent to a place like that. So, to have my clothes not only washed but also dry within a day, even in the rainy season when everything was always wet or damp, was a miracle, or the doing of washing machines and dryers of course. 

Anyway, one day I went to pick up my laundry accompanied by a handsome young man I was falling in love with. I received my laundry, paid for it, and just as we were walking away, the young man behind the desk said “wait” and ducked under the counter, only to reappear holding a pair of big, white cotton granny-panties in the air, “are these yours?” he said. I am not sure what was more embarrassing, that they were, or that he knew that they were mine, I thought they travelled incognito in the small plastic bag. I considered lying for a second and saying, “no!” but I was on a $200 a month budget so I grabbed it and walked away, mortified.

What made me think of this again? Oh yes, I thought of it while hand washing my potty training 2 year old son’s big boy underwear after a nr. 2 accident. The same son who, when I muttered “what the f” in a busy supermarket, loudly and triumphantly finished my sentence…


Richmond, VA

Marielle is a traveler, world citizen, mother of a magic toddler and two wonderful step children, party organizer and admirer of life in general. Lately the urge to put her life and thoughts on paper has struck and it comes up with bursts and bouts like a hesitating geyser. Sometimes hot, high and steamy, sometimes disappointingly cool and low, but always gratifying.