I remember ...a child

I remember
I remember when you were a baby and how sweet you smelled
I remember how it felt to have your sweet arms wrapped around me
I remember how you liked to snuggle with me under the covers, your small feet rubbing back & forth against mine
I remember the day I found pot in your room
I remember the day you said you would smoke pot no matter what I did
I remember the day you told me you could no longer live with me because it was too difficult
I remember the day you took all your belongings & moved in with your dad
I remember trying to stay open to loving you, even when I felt rejected by you not responding to text or calls
I remember feeling like I lost you
I remember you as a baby & the way you smelled
I remember the soft blanket you were snuggled in when we came home from the hospital
I remember thinking you would be my little buddy, my side kick forever
I remember


Richmond, VA

Stephanie ScottComment