Disavow Now!

Right now my brain is in political overdrive. There’s a constant buzz—like a political AMBER ALERT or a SILVER ALERT—or whatever color a political alert would be. This election has been so peculiar. Our nation has become more and more divided, and the nasty, racist under current—nope, over current—of Trump’s campaign makes me uneasy, afraid and really pissed off.

As if all the things that Trump has said about minorities weren’t bad enough, he has acted as if he doesn’t know who David Duke is or maybe even what the KKK is! He knows who and what they are and what they stand for. 

As soon as he heard David Duke or KKK, he should have run the other way as quickly as he could, but he didn’t. He chose to send a subtle message to those ignorant voters who are still angry about Barack Obama. Are they mad we elected a black man? Are they mad he did not fail miserably?

What the hell? You immediately disavow, deny and repudiate David Duke and the KKK. You don’t ask questions. You know enough. You know they stand for hate, violence and racism. 

He can’t or won’t tell you how he’s going to actually DO anything he says he will do.

He seems to have no real knowledge of how so many things actually work.

He’s an outsider!

He says what people feel!

Well, folks, feelings aren’t facts, and maybe, just maybe, your feelings are wrong. 

Wake the hell up, people. 

Trump is not a joke. He may be evil.


Richmond, VA

Karen Kay lives in Richmond, Virginia. She is addicted to Valley's writing classes.