Part 1 of many: We lived in the dark. No light. No natural light at least. Our eyes and our souls blind to the wonders of the world. My name is Zahara. I was born here, in Callicolin. Callicolin is an underground "base" created to protect humans from alien invasion over 200 years ago. Our leader still believes we are meant to be here. Callicolin is covered in dust lit up by light bulbs whose energy comes from wheels on which children my age run all day. Callicolin is divided in 10 sections and a Middle section. The Middle section or what I call the Busy Teenager section (Ya know, because teenagers don't listen when they're on their phones and they ignore when asked to do chores) borders with all other 10 sections. Section 1, or in my words Bastards, is the rich area. All the people who sit around by their energy fueled pools and energy fueled artificial sun all day. They never work and they never help the community. They just spend their days talking to each other and eating cucumber sandwiches and bossing their sassy robots around. Section 2 was the same except their homes where maybe half a room smaller. Still very annoying. Section 3 was still pretty irritating but instead of robots they had workers from section 6. They bossed them around so much. It was like a scene from Cinderella, and they couldn't be sassy like the robots or they'd be smacked across the face with a horse whip. No joke. Sections 4 and 5 might as well be one since there was no difference to them except skin colors. Section 4 was filled with snow white skin and bright blue eyes, the color of what the sky was said to be. In section 5 the people had the most wonderful glowing skin the color of the dirt we had, and their eyes were twinkly little stars the color of the amber light bulbs. Both section hate each other, but the skin color was their only difference. The older people told us this had been this way for many years before, but many of us didn't believe it, how could that atrocity be possible? Then there was section 6, the swamps. One hundred years ago section 6 had flooded from mysterious water coming from the sky and had never recovered after. The people here swam or used canoes to get around to their huts and to the other common areas. They weren't poor but they were also not rich, but somehow also not middle class. They were confusing people and were rarely seen. They liked to stay hidden, like meerkats. Sections 7, 8, and 9 took care of our crops and cattle. They slaughtered cattle daily, and they picked food daily, and they never EVER stopped. They just kept taking shifts but there was no time when you didn't see them working on the fields. Our ancestors call them the Mexicans; apparently 200 years ago in a place called the United States a lot of people called Mexicans had worked on the fields. Now in Callicolin they had come together to feed us all! Yay! All these ancient old people analogies were very confusing. And finally there was section 10. That's where I am from, the poorest section of all. We created the energy for all of the land. Kids started working when they can pass the running speed test. It was a hard life, and quickly our population grew. We didn't get support from the middle section so we had to fend for ourselves. Callicolin was an unfair place. Not only did section 1 have the biggest land, being at the beginning of the spiral but it also had the least people while section 10 had the most and was at the end of the spiral. How could it be that people, equal people are treated with such injustice?


San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

15 year old aspiring writer. Loves having a wild imagination that transports her to wonderful lands of creatures and odd traditions.