The Oprah Effect

I ran two blocks to get here on time, to be on time for the last class...
I love this class. I love writing in this class. I do not like writing at home. 
I tried it last night and... Set my timer - 10 minutes. Reset my timer - 10 minutes. 
I wanted to write something profound. 
Jaw dropping, eyes wide open, make you laugh, make you cry profound- 
So profound that no one would believe I actually wrote it. 
So profound that even I would be inspired to write my memoir. 
And yes, my memoir would be… jaw dropping, eyes wide open, make you laugh, 
make you cry profound. So profound that word of my memoir would spread and end up in the hands of Oprah, 
Yes, Oprah! Oprah would ask me, not my agent because word spread so fast that I haven't gotten an agent. 
Oprah would ask me to do a special interview. A special interview to tell the world how "Roadkill 101" came to be. 
I would accept her invitation and tell the world how 'Roadkill 101' came to be.

"... Well Oprah, it's really simple, I was at home one night, writing for the first time outside of Valley's Haggard's 'Life in 10 Minutes' class and I was so inspired by the profoundness of my own 10 minute piece, that I kept writing and now here we are."


Richmond, VA

I am a wife and a mom to 3 dogs that I love so much some days I think my heart might explode. I have a creative spirit that cannot be contained, no matter how hard I try…