Sleep Song: 4 Takes

Sleep eludes me and I wake
to feel the cool breeze on my face
and listen to the rain
and hope that where you are
at this hour,
you are dreaming the perfect dream.
I want to write my heart but my mind interferes
My body wants to join the dialog
and my senses also have a say
Even though I know they are not separate
Still, I wonder~
From which do you prefer to hear?

You lay smooth
in both darkness and light
Which do I choose to see?
It is peaceful, sweet, all arms and legs
I wait until this passes, and it gives way to the familiar knot
of uncertainty.

Today, you fly to your other lover
and I am left once again, wondering why I am
not enough

I woke in the small hours
to hear your heart under my ear
It wasn’t a dream, after all
The candle was still sputtering
as I gratefully sighed for that dear moment
And then, like a gilded lily
the rain.

I couldn’t sleep
there was a poem rattling around
trying to write itself in my head

The pretty words swirled and twirled
looking for a line to call home
A place to land

Somewhere with a net.


San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico