When You Are Walking

My stomach is in a ball of knots...I'm anxious. I have the same answer for all the questions that keep popping in my head. "It's what it is...you have no control, why worry about it because the outcome will be the same whether you worry or not. You can worry when you know you need to worry!" I'm tired and full of energy at the same time. Does that make sense? Funny how life leads you places that you really don't want to go, but when you get there you breath a sigh of relief and perhaps even feel a sense of excitement at all the possibilities that have been there all along. Dragging my feet until a friend takes me by the hand and says "let's go, you can walk at your own pace, you will get there when you get there, but you will get there." Okay I say, this is not so hard as we start making some headway - in fact, I'm rather enjoying the pace, but mostly I'm enjoying the scenery along the way and the conversation and the easiness of the friendship. I don't need to explain...my friend just knows.


 Pittsburgh, Pa