These Waters

Bahia Honda, bridge after bridge,
The old one right beside the new, which is more sturdy? 
The old has lasted longer, wiser and beaten. 
Liquid turquoise, the tropics itself, also once foreign but now familiar.
Horizon- atmospheric mountains reveal downward shafts of lineal precipitation. 
Islands initially include isolated mangroves and Indian names, but now have hundreds of houses huddled around inlets and coral breakfast tables. Papayas and swamp fry will do. 
In a land that belongs to the osprey and nurse shark, travel by car seems intrusive. 
Pulling off onto the flatland, sulfur breezes and snow sand wisp’s the tires and then the tote bag with the sunscreen and extra pair of shorts. 
3 and a half months of isolation, and my only friend remains the royal palm, who seems more like family than the actual. 
By train, I’ve brought them here to meet my new family, they remain close minded and search for wrong doings. 
Black snakes scurry out from under the littoral rock barrier when they unfold the towel.
The clear water is beyond the musty rocks and crustaceans, which is beyond where my greed was discovered. 
Florida must cultivate independence, or maybe selfishness. 
Not knowing what is nested beneath the transparency, 
But now knowing what wasn’t seen in the subtropics,
The rain taught lessons on what it means to be, 
What it means to matter. 
Who knew that sunscreen could cause so many problems,
Perhaps all she wanted was the same protection that was given to me by

Richmond, VA