The Group Text That Doesn't End....

So, when you are from a family of 10 which consists of 2 guys, 8 gals (notice I mention the guys first as I do feel somewhat sorry for them) you learn to just jump on the bandwagon! Example: something important or not so important is going on in the family or the world and your phone starts blinking - no, let's be more precise here - it starts blowing up. You look at your phone and say, "oh no, here we go!" Even if you want to get off the group text there is just no way to do it... Try asking the group to remove you with a subtle "hey, I'm trying to sleep here" and you get "so take yourself off" or "don't you know how to silence your phone" or something more mature like "poopie head" or "haha sorry" - yeah, you get the drift! 

And then the fun starts - so let's take the recent Republican debates in New Hampshire - oh boy! One of the sibs puts out a group question "anyone watching the debates?" - well, hello!!!!! Even if you aren't you run to the television set and turn that sucker on because you will not be the only one of 10 not participating in this group text. can't pretend that you are watching because it gets very descriptive like "look at Donald's hair - haha!!" or one of Rubio's eyebrows is higher than the other" and maybe "OMG I hate his voice or the way he smiles" - and then the attachments come of everyone's pet or grandchild or something off Facebook that makes fun of Trump - or something similar. You can't keep up and you want to get your voice heard, but damnit someone is faster on the keyboard!!! Oh, I forgot to mention that if you have friends around, they just look at you and say "Oh God, don't tell me that your family is watching the debates - hear we go!" And then there are the football ones, and the Oscars (if only the celebrities knew how we critiqued them) and the list goes on. One more thing...I love it and would not want to be part of it!!!


Pittsburgh, PA