Fingers Crossed

I have a date tonight. Yes, me. I have a date, and it's a unicorn-like enough occurrence in my life that all my girlfriends have responded to the news with multiple exclamation points, generally one exclamation point for joy and another for surprise and another for the excitement they're feeling over my announcement.

To be fair, it's not that I don't ever have dates, it's just that I don't usually have dates that I'm excited about enough to actually tell my girlfriends that they're happening...that is, until after they've happened and I want to dish about how awful they were. Let's just say I do my fair share of dating but very rarely am I in a relationship.

This date seems to be kind, sweet, down-to-earth...a generally likable human being who hasn't once been creepy in the week that we've been getting to know each other over text messages. I know, I know, this sounds like a low bar to set, but trust me...when you're dating online, these hurdles seem to be ones that guys trip all over. Let's just say I took it as a positive sign when this date texted me a picture of the cinnamon rolls he baked last Sunday instead of his abs.

The idea that this date might lead to a relationship has me scared and excited and yet somehow totally at peace. This date feels comfortable. This date I'm not dreading. This date I'm excited about. This date might be the start of something amazing.


Richmond, VA