Dreaming Awake

Weather always seems to bring you to mind. 

Walking outside this morning felt like taking a stroll through one of my dreams. As I waited for someone to cross the street, she reminded me of you. I looked to my phone as if waiting for your call. 

As if ready. 

This time I"ll answer and we'll talk of all the things that have happened between now and then. 

In my dreams you always call, as I'm running for the phone I am never able to reach it in time, I always scream the same thing: "Don't hang up! I'm on my way!!", but the answering machine always picks up and beeps, just the way it did in 1999. 

In my dreams time still hasn't moved forward yet, it's still stuck in limbo hanging on with you. 

As the light changes from red to green, I realize I'm definitely not dreaming. I'm wide awake. 

I imagined myself telling you to look out your window as the fog rolled through the streets. My heart seems to know how much you would have loved this place. Or maybe it's just Dad's reassurance, telling me every time he visits, how you would have adored it, already moved in with me by now. 

Wish it were so. 

Since it can never be so, at least not in this life, may we always have the weather.



Richmond, VA