How I Feel at 26, Going on 27

1. A lot worse for the wear. 
2. Never more scared. 
3. I’m breathing. 
4. Tearful at best, pitiful at worst.
5. Indifferent. 
6. Irreverent. 
7. Glow-all-the-time-mean-streak. 
8. Bent on ruining everything. 
9. Extremely and undeniably selfish. 
10. Not enough regrets. 
11. Like discarded vegetable peels. 
12. When relationship articles reveal who I am. 
13. Hiding from the truth. 
14. Unappreciative. 
15. Overly judgmental. 
16. When all the signs tell me it’s over. Or should be. 
17. Like I can’t let go. 
18. Friendless. 
19. Emulating a victim. 
20. Clothed in falsehood.
21. Hate everything and everyone. 
22. Lost. 
23. Confused. 
24. In denial. 
25. Disappointed. 
26. Hopeful.
27. _____________ .


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Shloka Shankar is a freelance writer from Bangalore, India. She enjoys reading poetry, singing, creating abstract art, and dousing herself in anxiety. She is the founding editor of the literary & arts journal, Sonic Boom. 
You can follow her on Twitter @shloks89.