Two Words

dark and dreary, she said
I carried them around for awhile
and thought of what they evoked
rain, sadness, loss?
or perhaps a black hole
you are desperate to climb out of

what about their distant cousins: light and airy?
clear, blue, open could be their companions
these are perhaps prettier, happier words
ones you might rather choose

ah, but blue can conjure a soothing sea or a sorry state of mind
open can describe loving arms or a gaping wound
what is contained in a word?

whatever we choose, I suppose
they are just letters after all
arranged in a pattern
marks on a page
what power we give them!
the labels direct our thinking
tell us how to be what to believe
but trust me
they lie

when I was in the dark
I was not sad I saw light
there was comfort in that illuminated blackness
I wished to remain there

when I am in the rain I am
cool, cleansed, released
these are what I choose for r-a-i-n
how could they ever feel wrong?

and loss?
it is only the other side of life
the same number of letters even
just slightly different ones

don’t misunderstand
I am in fact, a lover of words
I need their rhyme, their rhythm, their reason

but don’t be fooled by these tricksters
they are romancers yes, but also sword bearers
wait and see I say
let the experience carry you
then choose your words


San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Linda Laino is an artist, writer and teacher living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico,almost 5 years now. She loves playing with words as much as form and color. Finding beautiful things on the ground is a favorite pastime. Her artwork can be seen at Some of her writing can be found on Elephant Journal and The New Engagement.

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