Natural Observation

At dusk, five does munch on meager greenery.
I snap a picture through the dining room window.
One raises her head and stares in my direction.

Arrowheads and skinning tools point
to five thousand years of awe – 
beauty and grace, providing, before colonials, 
clothing, housing, and sustenance. 

When shown the picture on my cell phone, 
a Christmas Eve guest asked, 
“They come this close to the house?”
“O, yes, at least once a week. 
This was taken just yesterday.”

Truth is they never really leave.
I merely spy and momentarily gaze. 
They incarnate the land and forest. 
Holidays are not theirs.


Richmond, VA

I live near the James River and have published a book of poetry, Nostalgia Resides in the Marrow.

William FrakerComment