Schrödinger's Thought

I was wondering if you'd know where to find me if you'd know how if you'd know why if you'd know how much of me was still left to look for.

I was wondering if you'd trek mountains or descend valleys or comb forests or sweep beaches or surf waves or if you'd abandon me midway if the idea of me would vaporize.

I was wondering if you'd call me names and play blame games if you'd realize the futility if you knew lost meant gone if you'd label someone lost a lost cause. 

I was wondering if once you discovered that someone wasn't who you thought they were, the search was over or if it had just begun. 

I was wondering if you could figure out that the only place we could lose ourselves was our selves; I was wondering if that was precisely where we could hope to be found.


 Delhi, India

Ambivert. Bookaholic. Amateur poet. Wannabe traveller. Blackout artist. Featured in online international journals of haiku and poetry, including Sonic Boom, Failed Haiku, The Gambler Mag and Otoliths among others. Blogs at


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