I Don't Have a Problem with Alcohol

Hi, my name is Bill, but I'm not an alcoholic. I have a problem with speaking to you all tonight, because I had a couple of strokes a while ago and now I slur my words, but I don't have a problem with alcohol.

I've got a problem with my job. I got a DUI and now they won't let me drive a truck anymore, and I really loved driving a truck... but I don't have a problem with alcohol. 

I've been living in shelters and on the street and at the YMCA because I got drunk at my aunt's house and she kicked me out, see. So I went to my sister's house but she said she didn't make enough money to support us both, so I had to leave there too. So I guess you could say I've got a problem with housing, but at least I don't have a problem with alcohol. 

I know I have a problem with relationships, too. My wife took my kid and left me for no reason. I have a grandchild or two that I've never seen. My kids' lives are all screwed up. Nobody in my family invited me over for the holidays last year. There wasn't anywhere for me to go, so I just stayed in my room at the Y and drank. Heck, why not, I don't have a problem with alcohol. 

So hey, I used to have a lot of problems, but now I don't have them anymore. There's only two exits from the alcohol highway; one is sobriety and the other is death. But since I didn't have a problem with alcohol, why would I choose sobriety? With all my problems, why wouldn't I want to drink? Besides, nothing bad could happen to me, and if it did, so what? 

Hi, my name is Bill, and I died Monday, October 10, all alone in the hallway of a YMCA in a city where I didn't know a soul. So now I don't have any problems at all. But I swear, honest to God, I never had a problem with alcohol. 

In memory of Bill B., 1934-1994


Kihei, Hawaii, USA

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