Word Doodle Disintegration

line, squiggle
line wrapping around the squiggle
house with a chimney and mouth
too many teeth

stripes at the top
not quite straight
no people
no confidence

just more and more birds
shaped like m's
flying above, up into the stripes
a whole flock

some are on the chimney
some are eaten by the house
some are crowded out and
covered by the others

all are caught
with their wings up
trying to escape
scribbles cover everything

again with the lines
that turn into stripes
some with polka dots
some not

then add some stars
all with five points
some are radiating
lines gleam

and then this funny shape
that fills in the empty spaces
until the page is a jumbled mess

one busy scribble
after another
as dark and pointy
as possible
until the pencil
shredded paper
thrown away

only a circle
as perfect and whole as I
can make on my own


Bloomington, IN

More of Chanel's writing can be found at chanelstory.blogspot.com.

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