Right Now I Am a Student

Right now I am...a student. I love to learn about social work, my creative side, nature, especially primates - anthropology is being the most boring and fun class ever. I am learning from my husband. He drives me crazy, happy, insane, lusty, funny and to love. He moves me to be better. I wish i had learned to learn sooner. 

With my depression medications working better, my focus has improved. I had lost my love of the word and mental exercise. I am now catching up on my reading, my growing. At 600 a.m. I read. At lunch time, I read. In the car I think about what book to devour next. I’m learning discipline again and what it is to be accountable to me. I am now me. 

I love that I can write in my journal, say my poetry and eat an apple in multitasking glory. Laundry is sitting on the living room couch. It screams to be folded and hung up. When that task is completed, I will reward myself with my ten minutes of me time, my writing and reading time. 

My son is learning to love reading for the first time. It makes my heart sing. My dear husband and I read, carry books around and speak our feelings through words and stanzas. Our children see this. I hope they learn to educate themselves and pursue the harder questions and meanings in life. I hope the reading has planted the seed. 

Because for me, writing is my self regulation. I find that that in journaling, writing and poetry I’m happy, I can express my sad and I am hungry always for more.


North Chesterfield, VA

Brittney is a married mother of two that works from home and is a part-time student at John Tyler Community College. Brittney's first love is poetry and journal writing. She regularly attends open mic nights at Cst l'vin in Downtown Richmond and has been a featured poet at the Fire House Theatre with her husband Matthew.


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