Right Now I Am...

Right now I am thinking of the crunched space that represents eagered hearts and minds, uncovering the obvious essence of what has yet to be defined. I am moved by the opportunity and untapped potential in this moment. To think or not to think, to share or not to share—that is the question—getting from point A to B.

Right now I am learning to release my unfamiliar in a space filled with mixed shades of vibrancy. Now I must erase the space and create. The question is should or should I not… give the intrinsic delicacies that I am not sure of myself—this is a new horizon, an untapped journey that eagerly signed up for. I realized that “I am creating… I mean I am releasing a new edition of a part of me that was never experienced or even known to exist! I am dancing to the beat of a new formed drum. There is a valley of stories and a river of truth that is flowing with a glistening light that has been renewed. 

Right now, I am becoming!


Chesterfield, VA

I am me... A writer, an intellectual, an educator, a mom.... I am Amber Williams !

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