Prompt from Extracting Splinters

Most of my splinters have been extracted
I let go of them--I allow the light to shine on them
But still--
There is that one splinter that grows deeper and deeper into my flesh
year after year
It is the one issue I cannot seem to let go of.
I've cried over it, prayed over it, pleaded to God over it
But still--
This one,--this one has got me by the neck
It is my one desire to see it extracted and burned like wood
Could it be that I have not chosen to let it go?
Could it be that I have grown used to such pain?
Do I really want to get rid of it or has my pride allowed me to hide it?
This splinter will not be the end of me.
I must decide to let it go, or--
it may end up killing me.
I do not want to die, so each day, this splinter will slowly be extracted from under my skin.


Virginia, USA

Charmaine is the author of the book entitled Flaws and Cause, authored under the pen name "Charm". As an educator in the public school system, she is exposed to various cultures and personalities. In her spare time, she uses what she has learned about people to write poetry and short stories.

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