Written on November 8.

Do you hear that sound?
Those voices interrupting,
Those catcalls belittling,
Telling me to smile.
Do you hear that sound,
Those lies, the standards being raised
And applied as never before. Sneering nasty voices, hateful and scared.
Do you hear the patriarchy grumbling?
The gut wrenching moan?
Do you hear the squeak, these rusty scales
Finally tipping, no longer heavy with the oppression of old greedy men?
Do you hear the hallelujah of my darker brothers and sisters, my queer confidants, my hungry children, hailing from the dark corners, ready to stand in the light, ready to all be heard, loved and fed?
Do you hear the sound?
The glass ceiling is shattering. And those who stood upon this ceiling are falling, screaming to lose their view. 
Let the shards fall all around, let it rain, and be careful that you are not cut open as we reach new heights. Be careful, for not all of us know how to bleed with pride. Be careful that we do not become vain with the achievement. 
Do you hear hearts swelling with pride, beating stronger, loving fiercely? 
Do you hear that?
Do you hear the glass ceiling cracking and tinkling as it explodes into a million pieces?


Richmond, VA