sweet girl.

Mind altering curiosity and faulty imagination paired with idle hands. That’s how it starts in sweet girls, sweet girls that yearn for their cloak of innocents to be taken. They give anything, to anyone, for the feeling of false maturity. They are once fifteen feeling reckless doing what their older sisters do, then wake up at twenty unsure why they feel they have outgrown their peers plus a mile or two or ten.

It’s about racking up stories, stories to the biographies of their lives that will undoubtedly in their mind become a best-seller. They can see it now titled, “How the Sweetest Girl Became the World’s Most Interesting Woman”, but little do they foresee a more fitting title reads above an obituary, “Sweetest Girl Goes Too Soon.”

It starts with a first love, maybe a thrill of a much older man, or maybe the chase for the perfect one too soon. Or worse, a concoction of the three. The craving of love, thrill, and living becomes a constant chase, always one upping themselves. “Let’s see what can happen this time,” they repeat.

They are slowly introduced to love that seems light hearted at first, but in reality is a man with a dual personality. A side that keeps them coming back and a side they will choose to ignore. Let’s call the glamorous, butterflies in your stomach side”BJ” and the side that they find themselves crying over at sunrise, “Eddie”.

Bj is adventure. He is the quintessential looker. An enigma that keeps them searching for the answer. Him giving a sliver of interest in them, that’s what keeps them coming back, despite his counterpart. The glimpses he gives, the dangerous power he provides them. A euphoria so exciting because they know it could be gone at any moment, he or Eddie, decides. It’s up to those Sweet Girls to bring that side out of this new love, work at it, abuse it.

Eddie, grimy, sleazy, the one their moms told them to decline the invite to the Spring Fling with in high school. He hangs around, an annoying itch they can’t scratch. Once BJ disappears, he will try to cop a feel, grope their soul. He doesn’t care about them, for his selfish motives aren’t as easily disguised. The mind games come out with Eddie, as he begins to take away tidbits, slowly, of their so called life. Until ultimately, they only have him as a shoulder to cry on.

He was originally a sidekick to the Sweet Girls’ love, but in a blink, he starts showing up more than BJ. The side of the man they fell in love with deteriorates more with every moment spent with him. And there comes the catch, for a glimpse of BJ, they will accept more time with Eddie and when BJ completely leaves their lives…well, they will solely spend time with Eddie in hopes BJ may come back.

As they go around town with tiring ambition to find BJ, they continue to bump into the undesirable accomplice. Obsession hits, first goes the Sweet Girls’ dignities, souls and breath. Or sometimes, these Sweet Girls wake up, to find a moment of clarity in the reflection staring up at them from the powder covered glass.


Arlington, VA

Carolanne Wilson1 Comment