How We Began

I still remember how we began
You were the lead singer in a band
You randomly picked George and me
To sing along with you
You took each of us by the hand
Led us to the stage
But held onto mine
Never letting go
I thought I'd never see you again

Six months later your band returned
On break, Yoshi introduced us
Across the table you extended your hand
Not remembering me
I accepted your hand and kissed your knuckle
As a gentleman should
We sat and you asked if we knew each other
I said that we met once and you were doing now
What you did then
Holding my hand and not letting go

It was then you noticed
You had my hand in yours
You wouldn't let go
My arm fully extended
Across the table
I didn't object
Then or now
You looked in my eyes
And so we began….


Richland, IA

I'm disabled veteran who suffered a TBI over 30 years ago. Writing was never my forte, until something about the TBI made me begin. Before it was laborious; now the words scream to get out. I have been previously published on

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