Oh Christmas Tree

There was a time when our Christmas cheer became too much for the tree to bear. We woke up one morning to find it hunkered in what can only be described as a suicidal position-leaning over the banister with the red bow topper dangling for dear life; bells and assorted ornaments on the floor becoming free toys for the pets. At first we thought the cat had something to do with it; but he was in bed with me and when he goes downstairs for the night there he remains. The dogs were gated in the bathroom and any attempts of jail break would have been heard and remedied.

Maybe the great, mighty pine felt emasculated by the silver bells, glittering bits and bobs from elementary school projects, and Disney decorations and thought that going overboard would be enough to be put out of its misery. Its bitterness, however justified, was not enough to dampen our mood, or lighten the load. My sister, even at the early hour, was able to come up with a hoisting system with nails and bungee cords. Twas the time around Christmas and a bondaged tree was the way to celebrate for us women three!