The artist in me just overpowered the doer in me. I feel so compelled to write today, but there are domestic duties with my name written all over them. The urge to write was so strong that en route to the grocery store, I had to pull over to let the beast out of its cage. So, here I am sitting in the parking lot at the closest 7-Eleven I could find. 

Today has been a lovely day. I awoke full of energy, ready to take on the world. I shopped some, came home and relaxed, then decided to pick up lunch for my husband and me. As I was backing out of the driveway, a mountain of snow (more like ice) appeared out of nowhere. I maneuvered the car around it and continued to back out. I realized too late that I was already backing into the road without looking first. Actually, I had backed out right in front of a car! The driver was, unlike me, paying attention and was able to stop before creaming my car. She gave me the sign to go ahead and back out, so I did, and as I drove up beside her car, I stopped and acknowledged my mistake, apologized and told her about the mound of snow. (It didn't seem so massive now that it was no longer an obstacle.) The driver smiled and said, "No problem. Believe me, I understand. Have a great day." 

That interaction sent a shot of joy right into my heart. "This is how we should treat each other," I thought. The lady could have been nasty, but she chose kindness instead. 

I used to think that the best writing, for me anyway, came from experiencing trials and tribulations, sadness and "being in a dark place." Luckily, I have recently discovered that I like writing from my happy place. For me, true joy comes from inspiring others, opening up and sharing part of myself. 

I have so many ideas, dreams and life experiences I want to share with the world! I've been using Facebook and this wonderful site (thanks, Valley!) as forums for expressing myself. While I will continue to do so, I feel the need to have something of my own. So, I'm going to start a blog and call it Pun Intended, because, well, I love puns. And my life is one big pun sometimes. 

That "mountain" of snow taught me a lesson today. My fear of hitting it was way worse than the end result, even after I almost caused an accident. I think obstacles in life are a lot like that, too. Thankfully the snow was (sn)ow problem. See what I did there? 

I hope you'll read my blog. Once it's set up, of course. And I hope your day was a lovely as mine. Love, peace and chicken grease.


Richmond, VA