When Netflix Makes Your List of Closest Friends

I have this theory about people in the city I live in ... and maybe it applies to other cities ... I don't know. You'll have to tell me. But I've lived here for going on nine years now, and I've noticed THINGS about the people I share this city with. I love this city, and I refer to it as "home" now, and it's nice. But still, I have this theory.

You see, there are four different groups of people in this city (I used to say three, but I recently revised my theory): 1. those who have always lived in this city, 2. those who grew up in this city, went away for a while, and came back to this city, 3. those who came to this city for college and stayed, and 4. those who moved to this city after college. People in this city fit into one of the four categories, and rarely do people from the different categories end up being close friends with each other, which brings me to the meat of my theory:

#1's are too busy for new friends. It's nothing personal. They're awesome, you're awesome, yay, but they have family obligations and SO MANY PEOPLE in their lives that they need to spend time with and they just don't have time for new ones. If you're not a #1 or maaaybe a #2, you'll probably just be acquaintances.

#2's lost touch with some of their past friends when they moved away and so probably have a little more time on their hands for new friends, so you can probably be a little more than acquaintances, but they still have more obligations than #3's and #4's, so keep that in mind.

#3's have two subcategories -- those who had a lot of friends stick around in this city after college and those who didn't. The former are more like #2's, and the latter are more like #4's.

#4's are...well...lonely. We typically moved here for jobs and seem to have trouble finding each other and have ALL OF THE TIME IN THE WORLD. Text a #4 on Friday night to ask what they're doing on Saturday, and they'll say, "Oh, nothing much. Wanna go to lunch?" #4's lists of closest friends tend to include "books" and "Netflix."

And this is my theory on people of my city. There are pretty great people in all four categories, and we all coexist rather peacefully, and it's nice.


Richmond, VA

I live in Richmond, VA and am a proud #4.