It is 4 am and I have yet to be asleep. I don't know why. I have had an exhausting couple of days and almost went postal on just about everyone that crossed my path today. You would think I would just collapse but somehow that just doesn't seem to want to happen but I am okay with that. I held my own today and didn't allow nasty people to make me do stupid things. I feel strong. MLK said a lot of amazing things but one thing that really resonates with me is that "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.” Today I experienced a real sense of faith in ME. The kind of faith that gives me strength to make decisions without seeing the whole staircase... I was able to find that spot between my heart and my head and go with it. I wasn't scared of the outcome despite knowing so little of what later today may bring or throw at me. This is new for me. I am no longer afraid to fight for what I believe to be true and right. I have faith in me even when the staircase is dark. Now I can sleep.


Richmond, VA

I am a mother and partner, a true believer in the power of honesty, and fascinated with the number 8 and the power of transformation. I love cowboy boots, vintage treasures and used book stores. I am allergic to sulfa and ignorant people.

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