New Year's Resolution 2016

Where to go from here? I’ve asked myself that question on New Year’s Day and countless times throughout every year. In 2016 I want to a place where I can focus more on the tiny, little, almost imperceptible pleasures of life. Many of these are sounds:

- The satisfying crunch of tiny pine cones underfoot. The sidewalk in front of our building is littered with them. I’m not sure what type of tree they come from, but I like to think that fairies and mice leave them there for me, because they like to watch me walk in zigzags to crush them all.

- The squeal of joy my daughter makes when she comes to the door with Daddy and peers through the glass to see that I’m inside, that for once, I am already home. Her gleeful chant, “I love you! I love you! I love you!” as she jumps up and down. I take her in my arms and hoist her up, yelling with her, as if we had to be loud and excited to make “I love you” count.

- The sound of my arm scratching across the desk and my pen tapping the paper as I rush to pour this text onto it because, for the first time since high school, it’s OK for me to just write, unencumbered. I don’t have to think about doing this for a grade or for a living. I used to write in my journal every day and that became...well, what became of it? Life elbowed its way in and said, “You don’t have time for this anymore.”

- The crack of my wrist, because I’ve been writing so fluidly and urgently for the first time in years. My time is up.

I want to notice these sounds and amplify them to the point where I no longer hear any other noise in my head...positivity is deafening.


Glen Allen, VA

I love finding the "mot juste". After guiding my students through writing children's books in French and delivering them Haitian children in need, I want to engage even more student authors and write stories of my own. Here's more on the Little French Books literacy project: