notebook of seventeen (inspired by aime cesaire’s notebook of a return to the native land)

i would say sunshine incarnate. i would say the highway that has the same bumps and bends as the coast of oregon. i would say a burning levittown. i would say wings and the way you woke up when you were convinced it was the end. i would say field trip to the moon. i would be throbbing church bells the day before the war. an alaskan glacier and a lantern full of northern lights. whoever would not understand me would not understand divine envy, the children laughing in the orchard among the harvest of the sunflowers.


charlotte samuels is a seventeen year old high school senior from ridgewood, nj. she enjoys poetry, swimming in the sea, lowercase, existentialism, writing, geocaching, and dogs. charlotte is currently working on a memoir and a chapbook.

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