The Boatman Songs.

We've overstayed our welcome,
Long since. 
On a morning in spring, when we first met

Did you ever think we'd wait,

Till the river flooded our ankles and drowned our toes?

You tell me you're afraid,
I won't find you, if we forget we ever shared a ghat

I tell you, there are worst ways to remember a person by.
The boatman wears amulets around his arms

And he believes his ancestors live through in him. 

Who are we to question
Beliefs that have lived lives of their own?

This won't be the first time
We'd say goodbye.



 Nilesh Mondal is a student of Engineering at National Power Training Institute, and a writer by habit. He is either busy writing poems to appear useful, or busy procrastinating. You can look him up on Facebook, or follow him on Instagram @hungover.hamlet, where he makes a fool of himself regularly.