Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, I was a sweet, young girl - polite, quiet, inhibited.

My husband has taken to asking, "What happened to the sweet girl I married"? I think the sweet girl began to fade away just about eight years ago when at about age 60 (about damn time!), a therapist encouraged me to fill in the sentence, "I need ________________".

This, of course, was a big shock to my beloved who had not had to deal with this complication for 40 years.

It was a shock for me too. I need ____________, I need _______________, I need _______________ What?

The gates shutting out need were heavy, solid and firmly locked.

Growing up I was taught, both by words and example, to be stoic. "Don't air dirty laundry", "pretty is as pretty does", "you do what you have to do", or, in today's language: suck it up.

Thinking about what I NEED??? I needed a pick ax like those used to chip away at the Berlin Wall.

So, I got the pick ax and that sweet girl escaped.