Life 9-5

There's a new attorney in the office where I work as a paralegal. The office where we're in the business of child welfare and we see cases about people who do very bad things to their children. Human services. An area of law unlike most other law that lawyers practice.

The new attorney arrived with the idea that no one will tell her how to prepare her cases. She's "got it, thank you very much". The thing is she doesn't and that is 100% okay because how would she know?

I offered to help. I asked her how I can best serve her needs. Let's work together, blah, blah......

Her response was why would I think she needs help? It was the first cue that this may not be a collaborative relationship.

I mentioned a rule of law about providing notice to attorneys. "We missed the deadline to provide notice...just FYI." She responded that she would deal with the attorneys....don't tell her about the law. 

This is the point where if it was an acquaintance I would quietly duck out...okay, run, but I can't do that. 

How do I do this? Moving forward what should my approach be? Make the background of my emails to her rainbows and unicorns? Embrace her with hugs every time I see her? (which would amount to around 23 hugs a day.) Maybe. I know one thing that would help: block all images and stories relating to Donald Trump.

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