September 11, 2015. I am listening to Aretha sing "Precious Lord, Take my Hand....You got a friend in Jesus." I know she is right. Jesus has been my buddy for quite a few years now (even before 9/11). I have considered planning a big birthday party for myself next year when I turn 75 on September 12th, but one mind interrupts with "Honey Child, why you need to wait? You might be dead from Multi-Myeloma next year. And even if you are not, what good reason might you have for not really celebrating the 74 years you have already lived?

74 years is nothing to sneeze at especially when every other day you turn around and someone else has gone to the great beyond... or received some dreadful news from a physician, like "you have four months to live." 

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. I may die with all of my own secrets and those of many other people, and if so, there is how it should be. I'm getting a close-up view of what Divine Order means. I release worry. I release fear. I am in the flow of Now. When one mind wants to be afraid, I recall Joy Harjo's "Fear Poem, or I Give You Back."

I have no real concerns about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. I have put in enough years of hand wringing. My fate is not determined by humankind. In the weeks, months, days or years that I have left on Earth One, I plan to indulge my mind, body, and soul in the knowledge that "I got a friend in Jesus." And the wondrous blessings that He brings into my life. Such being is the way, the knowledge, the truth and the light of many ancestors who plotted a way before me. 

I am tired, I am weak, I am worn.. but I am alive and my spirit soars, in spite of my many body aches. Precious Lord, Thank you for taking my hand so many years. 

Happy Birthday to Me! 
Jeannette Drake (copyright, September 11, 2015)