Dry Bones' Dream

Bottom of a pit or a well. I realize Ally is around but i can't see. I look up and I notice an object falling down and it's falling very slowly, almost as if sinking into a slick runny fluid, not even as substantial as water, between a gas and a liquid. It's a baby's arm. 

I'm not afraid. It doesn't seem natural, a baby's arm falling andante toward my face, but I am accepting of it and I've forgotten Ally entirely but suddenly we are standing side by side and looking up and more and more baby arms are falling down upon us.

- baby DOLL arms, i note relieved
- we'll be buried alive, Ally replies

I see quickly Ally is not mistaken. As slowly as our surreal storm of doll parts is falling, it is not slackening. Indeed it is intensifying. We are doomed to die in a strange meaningless tomb. But as we are pummeled and overcome we lock eyes and we know we can climb, just start climbing, and if we climb our fastest maybe we will outpace our doom and live on, if not in a world like any we knew before, at least atop a pile of baby doll arms instead of under it. 

So we climb.

- and you wake up? says doctor blue
- and i wake up, says i



Adam Short is Dry Bones Jones' caretaker. He uses the entirety of the character set. 

- easy for you to say. dbj

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