Love: A Secret Manifesto

 I have a secret.

It's not something people like to hear. It makes them uncomfortable. It makes them question my sanity. So I keep it to myself. I keep it secret, safe from judgement, written unceremoniously on my smart phone until that fateful day when it's not a secret anymore.

The secret is this: I love myself.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Even if you're a lone drummer banging away at a rhythm no one's ever heard before, become that change. Embrace that change. Be it.

So I decided to love myself. I decided to love how I treat everyone with dignity. I decided to love the hope I have for the human race, especially when it gets hard. I decided to love the strange, nameless faith I have in a universal search for truth.

I decided to love the life I've designed for myself. I decided to love myself for who I am. I decided to love the way I love myself in a world driven more by apathy than by love, a world where we're taught to nurture others but not ourselves.

And so I present a self love manifesto:

Screw living up to other people's standards if they make me unhappy. I will lead a life according to my own definition of success.

Screw doing the easy thing just to fit in. There is nothing more unsatisfying than a cookie cutter life.

Screw letting negativity ruin a perfectly good day. I will focus my energies on a solution, not on complaining.

Screw taking on something that I know won't make me happy. I will respect myself enough to turn away from anything less than happiness.

Screw making decisions for any reason other than self love. Self love permeates all actions.