A name has more depth than a parents love and has more heart than the cardiac muscle. However mine means average. Average looking, singing, intelligence , sympathy and etc. Society tells me this is a fact that I be should playing in the arms of an angel in the background while swallowing Zoloft more than air. I'm enough to elicit compassion from another living being, just worthy enough to compute the particles of obstacles faced that require unquestionable strength and endurance. 

Guess what I am average but average is good enough.

Sorry but that's not my brand. Extraordinary, miraculous, and outstanding sound like a lot of work and standing on the front lines. How likely is someone on the forefront in a battle to survive? 

My brand is to set the bar low and grow high. My molecular structure excites with dopamine when I'm just barely smart enough to pass, just barely fast enough to complete a race, just barely efficient enough but somehow I'm alive. Average equates to being just worthy enough to have your thirst in life quenched, worthy