When You Don't Know the Words

"I love the hummingbirds. I had no idea they made so much noise. Chirps and peeps and all the zipping." 
"You should sit closer to them. Just sit by the feeder, very still, and they'll ignore you." 
"Or you could wear red and they might come right up to you?"
"You have a red shirt, right? That you wore the other night when you got here? You should wear that." 
"I would but its kinda dirty." 
"Well the birds won't care." 
"I know, but its schmutzy. I used it to clean myself up a bit. After some me time."
"Yeah. It's a little messier for boys, at the end. You've got this stuff you gotta do something with, y'know?"
"Yeah, I ... hadn't thought of it that way. Well ... the next time you think you're gonna have some ... stuff ... that you need to do something with, maybe I could help you with that." 
"I -- wow. That was a really brave thing to say."
"Too much?" 
"No -- fine. D'you mean, you feel like doing that now?"
"No, that was a lot. I think I need to sit on it a while. I mean think on it. Oh boy."
"It's -- heh. Don't worry about it." 
"I just gave you a nice visual didn't I?"
"I know it was just a slip of the tongue."
"Oh god -- stop. It's like if I ever want to be embarrassed all I have to do is open my mouth." 
"Well the answer is yes. I would like that. Very much. In fact I would be honored."
"Okay yes, I think I do mean now."


Will hopes he can abandon catalog copy and just write his heart out every day.