My Future

In about eighteen years, I want to be a successful author living in a Bohemian apartment in Brookfield, CT. I’ll adopt two Vietnamese girls, one two years-old, one an infant. I’ll name the first Alabaster Grace and I’ll call her Ala Grace. The second I’ll name Delaneigh Fiona. Only one problem: I want to be a writer, and I can write, I’ve written at least 5 stories, but I never finish them. It’s like someone threw a boulder at my head labeled “Writers Block: Eternity Edition!!”. I’ll get other sparks, and they sizzle out. Problem for a writer? YEAH. I’ve learned that sometimes the world doesn’t go exactly as planned-maybe my perfect Bohemian-apartment-two-Vietnamese-girls-plus-writer won’t work out. Because a lot of times, it takes just one teensy event to turn your whole world upside down. But hey, at least that would give me something to write about :)