A Cynophilist's Song

I walk the street on this sunny evening,
alone, and there’s a –

mangy canine, and it’s talking;
“Ich bin Romeo.”

I press my fingers on it. With care,
I feel its rack of ribs.

A barbecue, or a stew – I
lead it to my basement.

It plays guitar, and speaks modern Latin.
“Ich liebe Currywurst.”

It asks me:
“What causes your agony?”, and then —

— gluttonously licks my teary sweat.

I clip my nails.
It watches BBC sitcoms from the 80’s

We share a meal.
Its furry tail brushes my cheeks, I-

can’t love it.

It drenches me with saliva,
singing Paul McCartney’s ‘Goodbye’,

and leaves.

And then I weep.

as out there in the world, where our hearts beat,

a countless number of Romeos are —

— being butchered.

I walk the street on this sunny evening,
alone, as I ask:

“How could this never changes?”

The glossy field laughs at me.

Thin clouds chortle.

The mountains growl and then,
teasingly kick me

right in the arse.


Thipwalee Srimaphan (known as Kim) is a freelance writer from Chiang Mai, Thailand. You can follow her at http://kimthipwalee.wordpress.com