Who is she?

She dreamed of roof tops and falling in love.
She wondered what the feeling of flying from one of those roof tops would be like,
But she was too scared to ever find out. 
Laughter and smiles were worn like a mask by her.
Music and books fueled her existence, and her taste in the two were scattered. 
She knew what she was doing with her life and where she was going but when
It came to appearance indecision was her middle name.

She danced in the rain and felt like a storm. 
She looked for signs of meaning and life in every turn she took. 
She breathed sad and loud music, 
Though it didn't feel sad to her. 
The only kind of songs she liked were the ones that made her want to
Ink the lyrics on her skin. 
She hated the ocean but felt it calling to her all the same. 
She craved adventure but felt homesick with every turn.