Parking Lot

Brian spent about forty-five minutes each day commuting back and forth to work. During that time, he lamented his ever increasing age. He turned the radio on to Big 100, the D.C. area’s classic rock station, to calm his nerves as he attempted to navigate the traffic around the Mixing Bowl. When December by Collective Soul came on he sang along and muttered to no one in particular, “Collective Soul should not be on a classic rock station.6” They were a 90’s band and he had spent his teen years listening to them, but that was 20 years ago. The realization of that fact depressed him but that feeling was cut short when his favorite song followed next.

He turned the volume up and started to sing along to, "Stuck in the Middle." He mimicked as best he could sitting in the driver’s seat the dance Mr. Blonde did in Reservoir Dogs. He imagined Jeff as the cop and he got to pull his ear off. Freddy wouldn’t shoot him either, he would actually get the gratification of being able burn the jerk alive. His daydream was interrupted by the driver next to him, who smiled when their eyes met. Brian’s cheeks flushed immediately with the realization that she was watching him dance in his seat. He gave her a quick wink before changing lanes so he could take the next exit that would lead him to Melanie’s neighborhood.

Her house on Lake Tree Drive was the embodiment of the American Dream. Large front and back yard with access to a trail that ran through what was deemed as one of the most beautiful parks in the Country. On many nights, he sat and watched them from the trail, he imagined himself living that beautiful life with her. Having everything that he could possibly want in life. A beautiful wife, wonderful kids, all they needed was a dog. A travesty he would surely remedy as soon as possible. A big dog, like a Husky, no a Golden Retriever. Those were the typical family dogs. He had never owned a pet before, his mother always told him the apartment complex they lived in wouldn’t allow pets. It was probably just a lie she told me because she didn’t want one. One of many lies his mother told him. She was gone now, her lies no longer mattered.

Michelle blogs at Scattered Wrecks ( Her writing has been featured on Huffington Post and Scary Mommy. She's currently working on a novel and this is an idea she was working on for it.