My self esteem is not contingent on anything outside of me. Praise, criticism, blame or reward from you will stop at me. My esteem comes from me and me alone. This is why it’s called “self” esteem and not “other” esteem. I consistently remind myself that I am my hero, my champion, and no one else can rescue me; I am the relationship I have been waiting for all of my life.

Furthermore, my word and my integrity are the sum of everything that I will ever possess; they can’t be taken from me unless I willfully give them away. Think about this for a moment Wayne… the inclusiveness of every word, thought, feeling or experience you will ever encounter will be shared with you alone; every minute detail. That makes the relationship that you develop with you the most precious, devoted and loyal one you will ever have; cherish it.

I see what you wish to do and understand your fears. But don’t let your fear give you what you are actually afraid of. This goes not only for you but for me as well. Fear is like riding a bike exceedingly fast down an exceptionally steep trail; every rock and root in the trail might cause me to crash but nevertheless focus on the open place to go as opposed to the obstacles that you are afraid of hitting. Where my focus is, that is where I will go. I trust that if I retain my integrity and be who I really am, I will follow the path I sincerely wish to stay on. This is my abundance, foundation, and my source of joy.

Wayne is a life coach, hiking guide and meditation teacher. His web site is