Barefoot Please

The company that's visiting here will not leave, I've tried everything. I've changed the locks and still, they find an open window and I shut those windows every damn time I leave the house! I am vigilant about that. When they're here at night I can't tell, they only come out when I'm sleeping or gone. Little bastards!

They seem to get in mostly in the mornings, they stay and help themselves to my shoes, what the hell? I can tell, I sure can tell that they've worn each.and.every.pair of shoes that are out for the season. They're always in disarray on the floor, so I don't notice that they've been moved. More like I notice when I put a pair on. My sandals are too snug, my sneakers need to be relaced because my foot won't fit in them when I slide them on. Sometimes it's like all the air in my slippers has been let out and they're not the soft soled relief and cozy comfort like they were before. 

I wear shoes and slippers every day, seldom going my *beloved barefoot* because cold cat puke between the toes is nasty, and you know it. Now shoes cause me pain, all the time, and it's spread throughout my body. Don't tell me to go to a podiatrist, they call me crazy when I tell them about how it's all the fault of some guest that won't leave. "What does that have to do with your feet" they say? Oy.

WTF? I've reached my limit, call the exterminators, please hun and thank you - I don't care what it costs. I'll even give them my cowboy boots. I just want to go barefoot, please.

Sandy doesn't like writing about this because it makes it real, and it's challenging her psyche to tears.