The Ministry of Life

Right now I am thinking about the Ministry. The Ministry of Life. I feel like a minister. Mr. Minister. 

I was ready to leave work on Friday afternoon. It was after five and we were closed. I began gathering my things, I always have things, lunch bag, computer bag.

A person comes to the door. The door is locked, the lights are out. I remember the time I opened the door and an unstable young man came in. He was off his meds. He was afraid someone was going to kill him. I was not sure how this was going to end. I tried to help him but I told him that I needed to leave. We were closed. I was going to call the police. He was ok with that until the officers tried to get him out the door. It took four officers to get him out. 

So a man was at the door. He had on a priest’s collar, a man of the cloth. I opened the door. He did not know the way to his hotel. He was very nice and I felt a certain kinship with him. I was glad I could direct him to his destination. So I feel like I am in this private club. I got the crazy man to a safe night in jail, and I got the minister to his hotel. That’s what we do in the Ministry of Life. Just a kind smile, a bit of conversation, a little direction if it is asked for. It is not a big thing, it’s a small thing.


 Buddy is a Richmonder by birth and has lived here all his life. He loves being married, playing and listening to music, and working in the yard.