Today I walked to the 7-11. I saw an acquaintance there pumping gas into his corvette. I guess he's owned the car for about a year now. Beautiful car. Burnt orange with black wheels. I want that car. I went up to him to say hello.

"Can I get your opinion?" he asked.

"Sure" I said.

"I'm thinking about getting a spoiler for the rear of the car. Do you think I should get the black one or one the same color as the car?"

I told him I think the black one would look better. I checked out the interior and was impressed by the stereo, and the seats. We chatted a little more, and then I left him there to finish fueling his car. As I walked away from him, I thought, "why the heck does this guy need to get a spoiler? He's got a great car there, just enjoy the damn thing as it is." We get used to stuff, at least I do.


Greg enjoys walking.